DIY Digital is a registered MailChimp Expert. We can rethink your email marketing strategy and assess your communication plan to ensure you're making the most of your audience.

Email marketing is a very cost effective online marketing channel to convert leads to customers, re-establish patronage from previous customers and get new customers through referrals. It's great for bricks and mortar shops, professionals (eg. accountants, physiotherapists, hairdressers) and consultants.  At DIY Digital we will:

  • develop a template for your regular email newsletter
  • create a product release e-template for your new items and specials
  • give you great tips for building your list of previous customers
  • show you how to grow your list with new leads
  • develop your email communication plan for the year

Once the email templates are developed you'll be able to DIY. All this for $400 - and for lists under 2,000 there's no ongoing costs!

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