Digital Marketing do-it-yourself

Back in the 80’s it was easy - just get an advert in the Yellow Pages and away you go. But today you have to come to grips with the all the choices and the changing technology.  You’ve sat through hours of YouTube videos and read the blog articles - but it’s still confusing.

You need someone who knows digital marketing and is willing to help you do-it-yourself.

DIY Digital makes doing-it-yourself easy.

We've got a Digital Marketing Getting Started Package to suit you

At DIY Digital we help our small business ownes understand the basics. We'll help you discover what sort of online presence and promotional strategy is best for you. We’ll get you started and set up so you can fly on your own. Contact us for more information.


If you’ve decided on email marketing with MailChimp and would like to do-it-yourself but need a little help to get started this package is for you. We’ll create and send your first newsletter and then work with you while you create and send the second newsletter.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a big part of digital marketing.  We’ll undertake keyword research for your business and provide a report written in plain English. We'll then optimise one page on your website. Using the keywords and the optimised page we'll demonstrate to you during a follow-up phone call on how you can do-it-yourself.

Google AdWords

We’ll create your first Google text advert and talk you through what we did and why we did it. With the sample advert in your Google AdWords account, you’ll be able to edit it or create a new one by copying it. As you work on your Google advert we’re only a phone call or email away.

Facebook Advertising

Many small businesses have given Facebook advertising a go by boosting a post. However the power with Facebook advertising is with click to website adverts. We'll create this advert for you and with the sample advert you’ll be able to edit it and create new ones. As you work on your Facebook ads we’re only a phone call or email away.


Your website is the basic building block for your digital marketing success and WordPress is a great to platform to build your website in.  Getting started is the hard part. This Getting Started with WordPress package includes working with you as you register your domain name, purchase hosting, choose a theme and consider page builders and plug-ins.


Wix is an easy website platform to use and great for business owners who are not technically minded. That said, setting up an account takes you through a number of steps which can be a bit tricky. We'll take you through these steps, work with you while you choose a theme and help you navigate Wix for the first time.