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Last updated Dec 16, 2019

Setting up a Facebook Business Page

The process of setting up a Facebook Business Page changes from time to time.  Here’s two recently updated tutorials on how to create your Facebook Business page.

Facebook Business Page Templates

Once you’ve set up your Facebook Business Page you can choose between eight templates. The templates give you a default set up for the:

  • buttons (top row)
  • tabs (left hand side)

Finding the Templates

Log into your Facebook business page and head over to the right on the top menu bar.  Choose Settings.

On the left hand side, four down, you will see Templates and Tabs – click on this.

In this section Facebook allows you to choose a Template for your business page. There is the Standard template plus eight others to choose from.

Facebook Buttons

The buttons are the across the top.

Like, Follow and Share plus the three dots allowing you to access more options are included in seven of the eight templates and can’t be changed.

The Not for Profit template has Like, Follow and Send a Message as a default.

Some templates have an additional option for their Primary Button on the right hand side.

Primary Blue Button
ServicesCall Now
VenuesLearn More
PoliticiansSend Message
Restaurants and CafesCall Now
Not for Profit

Facebook Default Tabs

The tabs are on the left hand side.

Home, Posts, Videos, Photos, About and Community are common to all templates

Facebook tabs default on all templates

There are four additional tabs which some templates get and others don’t.

Not for Profityesyes

The order of the tabs changes depending on the template chosen. For example the 2nd tab on the Venues Template is Events, whereas for many of the others it is further down the list.

Only the Politicians get a Notes tab and only Services gets a Service tab.

Changing the Default Tabs

After all that if you don’t like what Facebook has chosen by way of Tabs for your page, you can turn off the Default Tabs and choose your own!

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