Wix or WordPress

Are you about to build your first website and don’t know if you should choose Wix or WordPress?  If so this free seminar is for you.
Wix and WordPress are two of the most popular website platforms for do-it-yourself website developers.  This seminar will cover the pro’s and cons of self-hosted sites vs all-in one hosted platforms.  Although Wix will be the focus of the seminar, if you’re considering Weebly or SquareSpace you’ll be able to follow along and gain useful information.

This FREE seminar will cover:

  • Beginner’s guide to hosting a site – what you need to know
  • Open Source nature of WordPress, its complexities and its flexibility
  • The commercial nature of Wix, its simplicity and its constraints
  • A behind the scenes look of both platforms

Outcomes of seminar:

  • Understand which platform is the right one for you
  • Make an informed choice for your hosting service
  • Understand if you are likely to succeed as a do-it-yourself website owner/developer
  • Tips ‘n Tricks that are good to know
  • Be inspired to get started with your website
  • Better understand and discuss website creation with a developer if you choose to hire someone to do it for you

This is an information seminar and not a hands-on workshop.

Next steps:
For those business owners who decide to develop a WordPress site, this upcoming seminar Editing your WordPress site may suit.

The training room:
Coffee and tea provided.

This seminar is suitable for:
Small businesses owners, club members and individuals who are embarking on building a website or re-developing a languishing one.

This event is brought to you by DIY Digital and supported by the City of Marion through their Open for Business program.