Create a Website

You’ve heard of people who create a website overseas but you’d rather support a South Australian to develop your site for you. To hire a professional is going to be too expensive but if you don’t get it done properly you’re not sure what back-up they’ll be if the software breaks or worse still, it gets hacked. The site needs to look good and drive business. What’s the using of having a website if it doesn’t get sales or leads?

You need someone who will takes the time to explain how to create a website, guide you through the process and above all, who you can trust.

DIY Digital develops websites that are designed to suit your business brand and colours. All the sites we develop are mobile responsive.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the name given to the range of techniques used to get websites to rank on page one on Google. We create a website with SEO in mind. We'll talk to you about your business services and in doing so we come to understand what people may search on to find you in Google. We optimise one page of the site for this search term and install an SEO tool on your site so that you can do this with other search terms and pages later on.

We look after you with personal service while we create the website and 3 months phone and email support once it's live.

Take a look at our portfolio page to see a selection of Adelaide businesses that have already had their website developed by us. You can then hop over to our pricing page to get an understanding of costs.  Contact us to get a quote specific to your needs.