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Last updated Apr 21, 2022

Search Engine Optimisation SEO Quiz

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the range of techniques used to get a website found on page one of Google.

There is no one silver bullet. There isn’t one thing you can do that will guarantee optimisation success. Activities for a committed SEO strategy include link building, writing lots of information and concentrating on the technical health of your website.

To get ahead of your competitors in the search results you have to give Google all the clues you possibly can. And these clues are what’s called optimisation techniques. The more clues you have, and the better quality those clues are, the more you’ll win in the SEO space.

It can take 6 months and even up to 3 years for optimisation to get results, so SEO is a long-term commitment and strategy.

It is a complicated area and it takes time and effort to learn. Our SEO Quiz will help you work out how much you already know and how much there is to go.

SEO course

SEO Course

A practical, step-by-step video course with screenshots, examples, explanations and demonstrations. Carefully created and produced video tutorials for your learning.

Especially suitable for e-commerce sites or multi-page websites.

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