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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Keeping your WordPress website well maintained and under the stewardship of a professional website developer avoids having a broken website.

Cost: $120 – $180+gst/year

The DIY Digital Annual Maintenance plan covers the technical side of keeping a WordPress website in good health. It covers:

  • Back-ups
  • Updating software

Updating Software

Updating plug-ins and software is an important task for WordPress sites.  It is done to:

  • roll out new features
  • fix bugs
  • ensure compatibility with software the site sits on or partners with (eg. browsers)
  • maintain website security

Backing-up your WordPress website

An up-to-date back-up file is your website’s Get out of Jail free card.

If for some reason you make an editing mistake with your website or it gets hacked, you can go to the back-up file and restore the site. Now that’s a good card to be able to play!

High Activity sites (eg. lots of content updates) and custom plans incur additional charges.

Contact Forms

Contact Forms often require trouble-shooting. For such a simple device, they can sometimes be a challenge. Here’s 3 reasons why your contact form may stop working.

We recommend clients regularly test the contact forms on their site.  This testing is not included in any DIY Digital maintenance plans. We send a reminder twice a year to clients with online forms.

Site Errors

When we do back-ups and updates we sometimes identify potential hazards with the site, or errors may occur. Often the errors are due to

  • Large images on site
  • Plug-in software no longer being maintained by its author
  • Hacks, or attempted hacks, to the site

We will contact you if we identify any of the above issues.

Website Security Monitoring

The DIY Digital Website Security Monitoring plan is an additional service over and above our annual maintenance plan. You must have your annual maintenance plan with us in order to access this service.

Cost $150 – $300+gst/year

Firewall and Malware Scanner
As part of this package we install a WordPress security plug-in. It is a firewall and malware scanner that looks for the latest in firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP addresses.

It emails us when it notices unusual activity on the site.

Under the DIY Digital Website Security Monitoring plan we receive this information and keep a watch on what is happening with your site. As part of the security plan you authorise us to spend up to 2 hours fixing urgent issues should they arise.


While security monitoring goes a very long way to identifying unusual behaviour, we cannot make an iron clad guarantee.

  • We cannot guarantee your site won’t be hacked
  • That 2 hours will resolve any issues, should they arise. It may require longer.

That said, getting onto the hack quickly can be very beneficial in reducing the harm and cleaning the site. Monitoring the site lets us get onto the task quickly.

Additional Services

Additional services are provided at our hourly rate. Examples of additional services are

  • Optimising images on the site
  • Fixing software issues associated with plug-ins or themes no longer supported by their author
  • Restoring or cleaning a site from a hack
  • Fixing problems with the layout or navigation menu

Content Updates

Clients are invited to update their own site with new content, but we can also do this.  This service is provided at our hourly rate. Examples of content updates  are

  • Updating text
  • Adding new images
  • Creating new pages

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