As part of our website handovers and Getting Started packages, DIY Digital teaches business owners and staff how to do stuff online. Most of our support is offered via phone and email.

Here’s a bit more information about what support is offered and how it is delivered.

We provide personal service to our clients.  This means we listen to you and answer your online marketing and website questions.   We’ll often need to schedule in a phone/computer meeting with you.

To get the best out of a phone/computer meeting you will need to be set up with either your phone on speaker or a headset. This is so that you can be hands free and you are able to use your laptop or desktop computer and access the software we are using and demonstrating.

Occasionally we may use Zoom as this allows us to share screens.

It’s useful for us to know in advance of the phone meeting what goal you are trying to achieve and what hurdles you are facing. This helps us prepare beforehand to customise the learning to your situation. It also means we have an opportunity to re-familiarise ourselves with the screens and navigation of the platform you are using.

Technical Issue
If you’re struggling with a technical issue, the following will help us to help you:

  • A clear description of what is going wrong
  • The name of the software, site or platform being used when the issue happened
  • A clear description of what buttons, links, fields or areas on the site you were clicking on leading up to the issue
  • A screenshot (use snipping tool on a PC or preview on a Mac) of the section of the screen
  • The web address or URL where the problem happens

Email Support
Email support is offered to existing clients who we’ve developed a website for, or who have purchased a Getting Started package.

Email is often the first place to ask for support. An informative email that clearly sets out the task undertaken and what help is needed will assist us to help you.

Facebook and text messages are great to inform someone you are running 5 minutes late or to wish someone a Happy Birthday, however they are not useful to our business communication. They are usually written too casually and do not allow us to effectively manage our task help desk. Facebook and text messages are not accepted as actionable support requests.

Phone Support
Phone support is offered to existing clients who we’ve developed a website for, or who have purchased a Getting Started package.

Do not phone us when you are driving a car, have something cooking on the stove, likely to have an interruption or have to catch a train in 5 minutes. Phone us when you have the time and space to focus on the task at hand.

Sometimes we are able to give a quick response over the phone, sometimes we may need to investigate the situation or we may need to schedule in a phone/computer meeting for a later time convenient to us both.

Face-to-face support and training
DIY Digital runs numerous seminars and workshops throughout the year to present face-to-face learning opportunities for small businesses in Adelaide.  Take a look at our events listings for upcoming seminars or sign-up to our newsletter to be the first to find out about new release dates.

We do not usually offer one-on-one face-to-face training sessions. Please speak to us about price and availability if this is of interest to you.

Usernames, passwords and log-in details
It is your responsibility to know and be able to find your own log in details to software, sites and platforms you need access to. If you are unsure of your login details this indicates you may not have a system for recording and retrieving your usernames. Online marketing, by its nature, uses online tools and platforms. Most of these require accounts and login details. It is recommended you create a system that works for you.

Spreading the Love or Spreading the Frustration
Getting frustrated with computers and online platforms is common.

When someone close to us spreads love and goodwill it makes the rest of us happy. When someone close to us spreads anxiety and frustration it makes the rest of us feel lousy.

Think carefully before pushing your frustration out onto us. As a general rule we’re not that keen on it. Take a deep breath. Have a cup of tea. Perhaps give it 24 hours. When you’re calm, give us a call.