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Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to be published on this site.

We only consider requests from email addresses where we can verify the business approaching us. Please make it clear which business you are representing in your communication with us.

We are interested in quality link swaps, where the articles and links add value to the reader of both sites.


  • Websites
  • Digital Marketing
  • Using computers for business
  • Using the internet for business


The audience for blog articles on the site is sole traders and small business owners (under 5 employees).

The articles are for beginners who are trying to understand websites, digital marketing and best practices for using computers and the internet for business purposes. They are for business owners who are often doing it themselves. The blogs on this site are not aimed at experienced marketers.

Style and Tone

The articles are helpful, not self-promotional. Use accessible language. No jargon, lingo or corporate speak. Keep it easy to understand.

Use bullet points, short paragraphs, screenshots and sub-headings to increase readability.

Australian (UK) English is used.


500 – 1,500 words


Provide one or two for us to consider


Provide at least one landscape image, preferably 2-3 options, to be used as the feature image. The feature image is not to have text written over it. Other images and screenshots can also be used in the body of the article. All images must be free from copyright restrictions (eg royalty free). Submit images as high resolution .jpg or other image file. Images that are personal or authentic (rather than stock images) are preferred, but not essential.


  • Links are allowed in the body of the article if they are adding to the value of the post
  • Multiple links to the same page or site are not allowed
  • A link back to the author or company’s website is part of the guest author profile and therefore does not appear in the body of the article
  • Consider adding a link to an existing DIY Digital article if it adds value to the post
  • Consider adding a link to an existing DIY Digital online course if it adds value to the post
  • Links must not go to a direct competitor of DIY Digital, which includes links to online digital marketing courses

Keyword or Keyphrase

If you’ve written the article with a SEO in mind, please let us know the keyword or keyphrase. This is desirable, but not essential.

Author Bio

Include a 30 – 50 word author bio. This can include a link to the author or company’s website. Provide a 350×350 profile photo.


We may edit your post or bounce it back to you for revisions. We will not publish it until we, and you, are happy with the final version.


We reserve the right not to publish the article if

  • it doesn’t fit with our audience or style
  • it conflicts with pre-existing content
  • conflicts with a key search terms on our site


We ask that your article not be published elsewhere previously, or simultaneously.


Once published, please feel free to promote your post throughout your social networks.

By submitting an article to appear on the DIY Digital site you give us permission to publish and promote it to our social networks and email list.


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