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Broken or Out-of-Date Website?

Is your WordPress website in need of some tender loving care? Not sure where to go?

The best option, in most cases, with a WordPress website is to work with the original developer in maintaining and updating your site. However this is not always possible. You may be in a position where

  • you’ve inherited the site from someone else and not too sure who the original website developer was
  • you are no longer in contact with the original website developer
  • the developer was a friend or family member who no longer has time to work on the site
  • the website developer is no longer in businesses

We onboard sites, that is we will look after sites that we didn’t build, that meet our technical standards, or, we can get them into shape to meet our standards.

We don’t do one off fixes. We onboard sites, and clients, with a view to a long term business relationship where we are the go-to people for your website. Therefore in 6 months or 2 years, after our initial investigation and repair, if you come across another issue, or have an idea for your site, you have an agency you can turn to.

We’re able to onboard most, but not all, WordPress websites. We don’t onboard other website platforms, for example, we don’t take on Wix and SquareSpace sites.

We look at the technical standards of the site first, and then turn our attention to updating text, images and other content on the site.

  • A broken or slow website will impact on your audience’s experience when they visit your site and ultimately your visibility in search results.
  • Poor technical design, out of date website software, large image files and cheap hosting are the most common causes of an underperforming website.

In most cases these issues can be fixed without having to completely rebuild your site.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.

The Process

1. Website Investigation

Our Website Investigation is used to assess how your site is performing, identify any issues of concern and recommend a course of action to resolve these. We check and report on core elements of your website including:

  • Design and navigation
  • WordPress, theme and plugins
  • Backup process
  • Media file sizes
  • Contact and other form functionality
  • Speed and performance
  • Responsiveness and browser compatibility
  • Server configuration and hosting
  • Basic security

A comprehensive written report is provided Β that recommends any work required on a priority basis.

Cost AU$150+gst.

2. Repair your site

Once we’ve done our investigations, we can repair your WordPress site.

Repairs often include technical fixes for contact forms, page load speed or image sizes. Sometimes new pages or updated text is requested. In some cases we can teach you how to make updates to the layout, text and images.

Typical cost AU$250 – 500+gst

We have a long term relationship with websites, and their owners. Moving your site to us, because you have lost contact with your previous developer, can be a difficult decision as it may be at a time when you have reached a frustration point with the whole project πŸ₯΅.

Our personal service gives you considered and articulated responses to your questions and concerns. Find out more about how provide support here.

Phone us for a FREE 15 Minute website consultation.

WordPress and Divi Specialists

We build our sites using WordPress and the Divi page builder.

WordPress is the most popular and well supported website platform in the world. It has a huge number of developers working to constantly improve it. It is suitable for any type of business, large or small, as its functionality can be expanded with the use of specialist plugins and other software.

The Divi theme/page builder is one of the most widely used WordPress page builders.

Using mainstream website software, such as WordPress and Divi, takes advantage of the robust technical support and software updates they receive. This means that bugs are quickly fixed, new features are rolled out and there is a worldwide community supporting the upgrades.

We’ve created comprehensive Divi training for clients to be able to update their own WordPress website. This training is complimentary for clients who we build websites for, or can be purchased separately here.

Elementor, WP Bakery Builder and other page builders
With WordPress websites we inherit, i.e. sites we didn’t build ourselves, we often come across other popular website page builders, for example Elementor, WP Bakery Builder and Visual Composer.

After investigating your website we can give you an informed decision as to our suitability to take on your site with the page builder that is installed.

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