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Last updated Dec 28, 2019

Can you get seen on Google without a website?

Surprisingly yes, you can.

It’s called Google My Business and it’s connected with Google Maps.

In the above picture you can see three examples of being on page one on Google.

  1. Company website
  2. Directory
  3. Google My Business

The main and most prominent listing is Google My Business.  The picture, the map and 5 star review give this listing a fantastic prominence.

Google Maps

First things first, you’ll need to get your business listed on Google Maps.  Head over to our article with a video tutorial to show you how, if you haven’t already done this.

Google My Business

Once you have listed your business with Google Maps it’s time to turn your focus to Google My Business.  Listing with Google Maps is likely to have created the Google My Business listing.  But if you’ve got lost and you’re not sure how to get back there, go to and sign in using your Google account

You can edit, change and update your business details in your Google My Business area, including:

  • Opening hours
  • Category of business
  • Photos


It’s great to get reviews on Google.  The Google reviews become part of the Google Business listing. Not only are reviews great for customer relations they’ll help you get seen on Google when people are searching for you.


Getting on page one on Google takes time.  It may take 3 – 6months for your Google My Business listing to show up on page one when people search in Google using your business name.  If it takes longer than this, you may need to put energy into:

  • getting reviews
  • adding photos
  • updating information



Being listed in a high ranking directory, in the example above the directory is EventBrite, is another way of getting your business on page one without a company website.  Head over to our Online Directories article to glean what directories could be valuable to your business.

As with Google My Business, keep your directory listing up-to-date and add in plenty of information and images as allowed.

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Getting Googled by Google?

If google is confusing you, click on the play button on video tutorial below –  the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Google for Small Business Owners.



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